Want to have fun learning?

We provide corporations with immersive Virtual & Augmented Reality to simulate real world learning scenarios.

We leverage Artificial Intelligence (AI) for predictive analysis to help guide learning experiences.

Our Virtual & Augmented Reality:

Increases loyalty and engagment by helping employees find purpose in their work

Increases learning retention and employee autonomy

Reduces skill gaps and improves skill mastery

Reduces travel-to-learn cost by training employees in their real-world work environments

How does it work?

Imagine a “Minecraft” of corporate learning that provides practical and scalable technology to teach new skills.

IMERSHEN provides realistic and high-impact virtual experiences that build confidence in the workplace and make work more fun and exciting.

Virtual Reality


According to Huffington Post and HR Magazine, a $1,500 per employee training investment each year could yield an average of 24% or higher profit margins.

Social Impact


We contribute to STEAM programs that help high school students learn coding, entrepreneurship, agile life skills, and job readiness.

Coming Soon

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